Travel to Huntsville

If you plan to travel to Huntsville, Alabama or possibly re-locate to the Rocket City, getting here is a snap.

One of the city's advantages is the ease of travel to and from major metropolitan cities.

If you’re looking for flights to Huntsville, the Huntsville International Airport is conveniently located and provides just about anything you need at the airport, from great hotels to a manicured Par 72 Golf course.

If coming to Huntsville from the North or South on I-65 (see below), then taking I-565 East is your best bet. I-565 will bring you right into town giving you access to pretty much where ever you need to go once here.

Travel to Huntsville: East or West

With family in Tennessee traveling Hwy 72 West was a route we used often. If you are coming in from the Chattanooga area it is your fastest route, especially since it was widened to four lanes.

You may find yourself needing a break before exiting onto Hwy 72 at the South Pittsburg exit we suggest you make a stop at the Nickajack Lake Rest Center. The view off the back balcony is amazing. The Tennessee River snakes around the mountain and if you hit it just right, the fall foliage is breathtaking.

Once on Hwy 72 West make sure you have your camera handy because you're about to travel through Hollywood, okay maybe not that Hollywood but even Alabama can have infamous towns. Scottsboro, Alabama which is famous for First Monday weekends will be your last large city before arriving in Huntsville.

Are you coming from Atlanta? Coming over Lookout Mountain on Hwy 117 is a great way to travel to Huntsville and will allow you to hop right on Hwy 72. Atop the mountain you’ll notice a waterfall sign. You’ll want to check it out. DeSoto Falls has become a mandatory stop anytime we travel to and from Atlanta.

Travel to Huntsville: North or South

If travelling to Huntsville on I-65 north from Nashville or Birmingham from the south, the best route is I-565 East. Huntsville is almost the center point between these two cities, which makes your trip about an hour and half from either direction and seem effortless as you observe the open fields and natural landscapes.

Our tradition which is a long standing southern tradition has always been to stop at Stuckey’s. A great place to grab some road trip goodies, especially the famous pecan log rolls! Don’t forget to take some time to visit the Stuckey’s gift shop. You can’t resist the personal items, novelties and Alabama memorabilia. Be a true tourist and pick up something to show you visited our great State!

Continuing north, there are other places to stop off and visit for a few minutes but the end result of getting to Huntsville is a good feeling. Especially when you pass over the Tennessee River just before exiting onto I-565 East! A beautiful river view but make sure to keep an eye on the road!

Once you exit onto I-565 East your journey will nearly be complete. It will also be just as rewarding since the landscape is just as remarkable as it was when you began your trip, if not better.

If you are traveling from the Nashville, Tennessee area, I-65 South is the best way we’ve found to travel. We like the drive down, and of course, Rick knows where the Stuckey’s are on this trip! Make time for a quick visit.

You do have the option to exit onto Hwy 72 East which will take you through Madison, Alabama. However, if you are in a hurry, we recommend staying on I-65 a bit longer to I-565. Time permitting, Hwy 72 has sites to see and, places to stop and stretch your legs.

Your travel to Huntsville in any direction will be a good drive with nice views of rolling hillsides and beautiful scenery.

If you happened to fly in you will want to get a rental car and Huntsville carry’s most of the national chains located at the airport. Now that your here, we definitely recommend you check out the Huntsville Attractions, and one our favorite’s is the Botanical Gardens, but if you're here to shop till drop then you must go by Bridge Street Towne Centre or the newly remodeled Parkway Place Mall.

We hope your stay is fun and eventful. If you are planning on moving to Huntsville we welcome you and hope that becomes your home on the Net.