Space Camp Huntsville Alabama

Blast Off to a Fun Experience!

The Space Camp Huntsville Alabama offers one of the most important institutions in the area. If you're facinated with rockets and astronauts, Space Camp Huntsville Alabama is the perfect place to go.

NASA regulates The Marshall Space Flight Center, which is a portion of the government’s rocket and space program. It's located in the city of Redstone Arsenal, which is just outside of Huntsville, Alabama. It was named after Army General George Marshall.

There's so much more to the Space Center. It's also the home of the Huntsville Operations Support Center. This facility provides aid and supports the space shuttle launch programs and other experiments that take place at the Kennedy Space Center.

In the past, this facility has provided help in numerous ways including participating in the following programs:

  • Advanced Propulsion
  • Exploring the Solar System
  • National Space Science and Technology Center
  • Engineering the Future
  • Test laboratory
  • The Propulsion Systems Department

It's currently participating in NASA’s Constellation Program, HINODE and Chandra X-ray Observatory. Of course, these change often so check with the organization directly to learn more about what it currently offers.

Space Camp

One of the things you should know about the NASA Huntsville location is that the U.S. Space Camp is located here. It includes the Space and Rocket Center, which is one of the largest rocket and space memorabilia in the world.

For those who are interested in the space camp program, it has a camp for children as young as nine years old, with several options based on age and experience. An advanced program is available for those ages 15 to 18.

Admission to the space camp program is available in advance and must be done through a selective process. This is a fantastic experience about space, team building and physical astronaut training.

Plan A Visit To See It All

Anyone who lives in the Huntsville area, or who's traveling to the area, can visit the Marshal Space Flight Center. Hours of operation do differ throughout the year. Visitors are welcome in the space center but won't have access to Redstone Arsenal (a military base) without prior approval.

Visitors can take guided tours or enjoy self-guided programs. A number of experiments, demonstrations and exhibits are available. There's an admission fee for visiting. Educational tours are also available through advanced planning.

From the museum to space camp, Huntsville Alabama is the ideal place to visit to satisfy your space passion.