The Huntsville Symphony Orchestra

Let the Music Begin

The Huntsville Symphony Orchestra is a symphonic orchestra located in the heart of Huntsville, Alabama. If you're coming to visit the city, this is one of the attractions that's well worth the experience.

The symphony offers numerous and varied schedules so everyone can attend their concerts. It's well known throughout the country for its prestige and quality performances.

Since the 2003 to 2004 concert season, the conductor of the orchestra has been Carlos Miguel Prieto. He's the son of the world-renowned cellist Carlos Prieto. The performances are exceptional and the conductor is well respected as one of the finest in the area.

The Huntsville orchestra isn't the only orchestra well known in the area. In addition, visitors to the Alabama region can enjoy the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra and the Mobile Symphony Orchestra.

Each one is spectacular in its own right and well worth a visit. You can visit the websites of any of these organizations to learn more about their season and to purchase tickets.

A Brief History

The Huntsville orchestra originated in the middle of the 1900’s. The founders were Alvin Dreger and Arthur Fraser. The orchestra opened its doors mainly due to the arrival of Wernher von Braun and the outstanding team he brought with him.

At the time that it opened, the orchestra was conducted by Arthur Fraser. He served as conductor from 1959 throughout 1971. The very first concert performed at the hall was on December 13, 1955. At this time, the concert hall was called the Huntsville Civic Orchestra. It would change its name in 1968.

Planning A Trip?

Are you planning a trip to experience what the orchestra has to offer? If so, you can learn more about the schedule of events occurring and purchase tickets through the orchestra’s website.

In addition, consider what else this foundation does for the community:

  • Local community events occur in the hall throughout the year.

  • The concert season stretches through April, and offers numerous options appropriate for the entire family.

  • The organization also provides numerous educational programs for aspiring artists as well as students who visit.

Take some time to attend a special event at the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra. Chances are good you'll love all of the excitement that comes with enjoying this concert hall and the well-known orchestra.