Huntsville State Park

Nature and Beauty Abounds

The Huntsville State Park offers visitors all the nature they could want. If you're looking to explore the Huntsville State Park system, the good news is that there are thousands of acres of land available for you to enjoy.

In fact, there are several state parks throughout the Huntsville, Alabama area. You can take advantage of hiking, bike riding, camping, fishing and much more. Each park is unique in what it offers.

The local parks system can provide you with additional information about smaller, community sized parks.

The largest of the state parks is the Monte Sano State Park. It's located within the city’s limits covers over 2000 acres.

There are a variety of activities to do here, including:

  • Biking trails  
  • Hiking areas  
  • Rustic cabins that were built by the Civilian Conservation Corp  
  • Reconstructed lodges (book these in advance for use)  
  • RV hook ups with full service  
  • Numerous campsites

This large park is just one of the options. You may also want to visit the Big Spring International Park. This park is unique mainly because of its location in downtown Huntsville. It's an ideal getaway on a hot summer day or a fantastic place to stop for lunch if you're in downtown Huntsville for a meeting or event.

This park gets its name because it's near the Big Spring, a natural water body. In addition, you can tour the Huntsville Museum of Art located on the grounds. This park also features the Big Spring Jam and the Panoply Arts Festival, local annual events.

Finding Other Parks

Other parks within the Huntsville area are also available. You can spend some time in the Land Trust of Huntsville and North Alabama. This is a nonprofit organization, member supported area where there are working farms, numerous natural heritage sites, conservation and open space.

People are welcome to visit, however, you'll want to visit only those areas open to the public. The Monte Sano Preserve is a 1000-acre portion of this park dedicated to preservation.

Enjoying The Parks

Although the public is welcome to visit the parks, if you want to reserve a space or you're planning to stay at a lodge or cabin, you do need to book in advance. A small fee may apply. Visitors to Huntsville state parks will be able to enjoy them year round, usually from sun up to sun down.