Huntsville Space And Rocket Center

Explore Space History and Future

Huntsville Space and Rocket Center is a facility in Huntsville, Alabama run by NASA. It provides services to NASA but also serves as a museum and educational facility for visitors. If you're planning a visit to the city, the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center is one location you'll want to see.

This facility provides a wide range of educational programs and a museum for visitors. It's part of the Marshall Space Flight Center. Although visitors are welcome throughout the Marshall Space Flight Center, except for restricted areas, it's important to note that visitors don't have access to Redstone Arsenal unless previous arrangements have been made.

The center offers numerous programs including Space camp, X-Camp, Aviation Challenge and others. Perhaps what it's most well known for, though, is being the most comprehensive and largest U.S. manned space flight hardware museum in the world.

When visitors arrive, they'll be able to see numerous important buildings including the Spacedome Theater, Education Training Center where NASA’s Education Resource Center is located and the Rocket Park area.

In addition to this, visitors will be able to:

  • Learn how important Huntsville was in making the moon rocket
  • Find out about the NASA Constellation project underway
  • Learn about the International Space Station
  • Find out about the Apollo missions
  • Explore Huntsville’s role in the Space Race
  • Learn about the history of space and how humans are exploring it

As you can see, there's plenty to do when you arrive. You'll want to dedicate at least a full ay to exploring all of your options.

Davidson Center for Space Exploration

As part of the tour, you'll be able to explore the Davidson Center for Space Exploration. This facility is unique throughout the country. It's 90-foot wide, 63-foot tall and 476-foot long. Even more interesting, it's suspended ten feet off the ground.

The Davidson Center is a national historic treasure. It's called the Saturn V and has been fully restored to its original design from the Apollo era.

Come to Visit

The Huntsville space center first opened in 1970 and through its history it has been home to some 12 million visitors. Visitors can bring groups or come as a family. The facility has exhibits throughout that are geared towards children and adults.

Plan to spend a day working through the museum and that various programs taking place. The Huntsville Space and Rocket Center is well worth exploring, as it's a piece of history and the future combined.