The Huntsville Public Library

A Reader's Delight

The Huntsville Public Library provides a huge database of books and e-books for you to find all the information you need whatever the subject of your search.

Along the years, we have used it thoroughly and we came to love it and often return even if just for the sake of spending some quiet time among books.

From the days of our youth as school children, taking trips to the library was always an exciting adventure. True, in those days we were limited to slower computers and no dvds but to us, it was as new as the newest iphone!

Even, as odd as it sounds, the smell of the books, the older ones especially, can remind you so much of the life of the library. It was always fun to go with a school group and find the most fascinating books and information. We were never disappointed!

A Brief History

The oldest continually running library in Alabama, the Huntsville Public Library was founded in 1818, and was built with the money donated by the Scottish-American businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

Located on Monroe Street since April 1987, the Huntsville Library is 123,000 square feet with a seating capacity of 930 and over 530,000 volumes.

The fortress-like appearance might not seem very welcoming on the outside, but once you get in, you’ll be surprised to find the perfect place for reading a book, meeting with your favorite friends or browsing the internet.

You can soak up all the culture you want because the library system is a free service for those who live, work and play in the city of Huntsville, Alabama.

Memberships are also available for non-residents.

There are library branches throughout the Rocket City (see below), though each branch operates its own schedule, events and special services.

By becoming a member of one library within the Huntsville Madison County Public Library System, you can use the services of any of the library branches.

You can satisfy your educational and intellectual needs by taking advantage of the immense amount of books, e-books, CDs, DVDs and magazine subscriptions that the Huntsville Public Library offers to its visitors.

The Perfect Peaceful Escape

The Library is also the perfect place to study for exams. It provides free WiFi access so you can easily work on your personal laptop or on one of the computer workstations that are available.

Once you arrive, you’ll never even notice how quickly time passes while reading a good book but no worries if you’re starting to feel a little hungry. There are various snack areas where you can grab a bite.

For moms who wish to bring along their little ones, the Huntsville Public Library offers washrooms with changing tables and nursing areas.

Meeting rooms are available for rent and they can seat up to 100 people. So you’ve just found the perfect place for a brainstorming session with your friends, coworkers or associates.

Another fun thing you can do is join the chess or scrabble club and amaze your friends with your chess and word prowess.

Take your kids to a story-telling program or join a book club. Check the calendar for concerts, movie projections or computer classes, because the Library hosts them too.

The 12 branches of the Library are spread throughout the entire county:

  • Madison library

  • Bailey Cove library

  • North Huntsville

  • Hazel Green

  • New Hope

  • Gurley

  • Monrovia

However, if you wish to access some of the main library archives you should know that the best location for this is the main library in downtown Huntsville.

Called the Main Library Archives, this building houses numerous historical resources including artifacts and photographic collections.

The library system also offers a book mobile service, which travels throughout the Tennessee valley weekly.

Whenever you feel the need of spending some educational time among books or need some information on any subject, the place to go to is the Huntsville Public Library