The Huntsville Botanical Gardens

Nature and Beauty Abounds

Huntsville Botanical Gardens is a very popular place. The organization is well respected and it's one of the focal points in the city of Huntsville, Alabama. It's more than a park and more than a museum.

Visitors will be able to take advantage of everything outdoors under one roof. This impressive location is located within the city limits and is worth at least a day of exploring.

What is it? The botanical center is located on 112 acres of land. It's on Bob Wallace Avenue in Huntsville. Each year, more than 307,000 people come through the doors, each looking to learn and explore what this facility has to offer.

You'll pay a small fee to visit, but you can expect that fee to remain low. Further, it's open all year round for visitors. When it comes to places to go visit in the city, the botanical garden ranks fifth on the list of places to visit throughout the area.

When you arrive, you'll find a wide range of features included. Explore each of these amazing locations within the garden:

  • Take time to explore the butterfly house as the butterflies dance around you.

  • Check out the annual section.

  • Visit the aquatic area for unique plants.

  • The wildflower gardens and rose gardens are well respected throughout the region as some of the best.

  • The nature path is a quiet escape.

  • You will find numerous plants throughout including older trees, especially the dogwoods the area is known for.

  • The herb and fern gardens are also available and are impressive.

Each of these areas is available for you to walk through and enjoy. Every one is unique and there are many themed areas throughout the garden to keep you interested.

Biblical Garden

One of the locations which the garden is known for is the Biblical Garden. Throughout the flower and nature walkways, you will find various plants that are mentioned in the Bible. See if you can spot where these plants came from.

Other Areas To Explore

There are plenty of other areas to explore within the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. Walk through the 14 themed gardens and a cottage located in the herb garden. Check out the Daylily Garden where there are 675 cultivars of daylilies for you to enjoy.

The Natural Trail explores a wide range of trees with undergrowth throughout. In addition, the home gardener will enjoy four model vegetable gardens.