The City of Huntsville Alabama

An Interesting and Exciting Place

Whether you are looking for a new and entertaining place to visit, searching for the best city to raise a family or thinking of starting a business, the perfect choice for you is the city of Huntsville Alabama.

You’re probably reading this because you want to know more about the Rocket City. We could fill hundreds of pages about our beloved hometown and we’d still leave something out; so let us begin by pointing out the most important things there are to know about the city.

A Little Bit of History

The city of Huntsville Alabama was born in 1805, once the Revolutionary War veteran John Hunt arrived on this land. Due to the emerging cotton and railroad industries, Huntsville knew a quick and prosperous growth.

In the 1930s, the industry faced a decline due to the Great Depression but the cotton production was still at its highest and at the same time, thanks to the abundance of lakes and the suitable climate, the city became the Watercress Capital of the World. In 1960, July 1, the NASA activated the Marshall Space Flight Center and Huntsville became known as the Rocket City.

Located in the most northern part of the state, the city of Huntsville Alabama is right at the heart of the Tennessee River Valley. It is the county seat of Madison County and the part that I love most about it is that all around the city there are large hills, plateaus and lakes. Therefore, if you’re an active person that loves nature, there’s a great chance you’ll love our city.

There are 179,563 people who live, work and play on the 202 square miles that the city of Huntsville Alabama spreads on.

The number one mid-market in the South, Huntsville is one of the top ten green cities of the U.S. With an estimate median income per household of $46,014, the Rocket City offers the best value for salary and cost of living.

The Cummings Research Park established here in Huntsville is the second largest of the nation and the Space and Rocket Center is the largest museum of this kind in the world!

Things To Do in Huntsville

The city of Huntsville offers a variety of museums, sightseeing opportunities and a calendar full of events to choose from, for you to be entertained at all times.

You’ll never believe how many attractions this amazing city has!

From the Monte Sano State Park to the Botanical Garden to the Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville Symphony Orchestra and the Huntsville Museum of Art, a fantastic place is always waiting for you to discover it. And these are just to name a few!

Concerts, races, exhibitions, hiking, biking, golfing or fishing, you’ll find something to do every moment of every day. There’s no wonder they call it HuntsVegas!

You see, there’s not much left to think about. The best place to live, work or play is definitely the city of Huntsville Alabama