About Us

Welcome to our "Best of Huntsville Alabama" website. We built this site to put our passion of Huntsville to use for our neighbors and those wishing to choose the Rocket City as home - both young and old.

We will continue to circulate throughout the City, getting in touch with our friends to uncover the latest and greatest information about current and emerging trends, news, attractions and entertainment to share with you.

As Huntsville evolves, so do we! You'll soon be able to add your own unique Huntsville Alabama moments/video directly to this site.

Our Story

Enthusiastic natives from Huntsville, Alabama wanted to make The Rocket City a place that anyone would come to love and appreciate. We remember those great school years and carried that tradition through our time into "the real world".

However when it came time to find out anything about Huntsville, the Web was always lacking. While there were many websites that claimed to be about Huntsville, the reality was that most were either out of date or just a commercial sales pitch.

Real and updated information focused on the city was almost non-existent. So, we decided to put our experiences to use to create a targeted and current resource for all those who want to experience living, working and playing in the Rocket City. Hence, Best-of-Huntsville-Alabama.com was born.

The Goal

We aim to become the preeminent authority on the Web for all things to do Huntsville, Alabama while encouraging others to participate as well.

We'll accomplish this by sharing our own experiences in and around the city, and by allowing fellow residents and those visiting to share their experiences and memories with others through this website.

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Rick Walls
Founder/Managing Editor

Traveling the world and living coast to coast with the military brought me full circle. Huntsville, Alabama is again my home, and I'm proud to be a native.

My favorite spot is Monte Sano, spending time on the trails enjoying the tranquility is just one of the many aspects of Huntsville that, once you're here, will make you want to live, work and play in the Rocket City.