Why Live, Work and Play
in Huntsville Alabama?

"Why live in Huntsville Alabama?" That's a question we are asked a lot. You see, we have lived in Huntsville off and on over the years returning often to visit family and friends, and now we live in Huntsville. It's amazing that such an innovative, high-tech and diverse culture which is rooted in rich Southern traditions, a mere 178,000 people, could have so many restaurants, attractions and things to do!

And we don't just mean that we live in Huntsville.

We've lived, worked and played in the Rocket City.

We've dined, danced and traveled throughout the Tennessee Valley.

Of course, collecting photographs (along with yours) of every one of those spectacular Huntsville attractions.

We fell in love with the lifestyle, with the people, with entire HuntsVegas.

We've seen terrific football games, possibly Huntsville's most famous or notable pastime sport, and November is the biggest month for Alabama football. Naturally that's the month the University of Alabama Crimson Tide play the Auburn University Tigers for what is known as The Iron Bowl.

We ate at some wonderful Huntsville restaurants.

And we hiked the Cumberland Plato, stunning trails on a very serene mountain ... Monte Sano. (also called Healthy Mountain).

Even many lifelong Huntsvillians aren't sure what this diverse mountain located on the edge of the Appalachian Mountains has to offer, so in a city that is considered secluded, that's really secluded!

There's nothing like feeling the mountain breeze of fresh air while seeing nature and believe it or not it is generally a few degrees cooler than down in the valley.

And for the Huntsville restaurants... especially the ones in Bridge Street Town Centre. (shown below) There's something about “the ease in walking distance from place to place..."

The city has so much to offer everyone... attractions, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, space exploration and top notch education. Dine and dance on Cobble Stone streets or shop till you drop.

So what makes us live, work and play in The Rocket City, after decades of world travel?

Everything! You see, every attraction in Huntsville is different, each with its own qualities that make it special.

Still, we'll answer that question the best we can. And during the coming months we also will have a whole bunch of other favorites, which we (and from time to time friends) will be writing about in this Web site...

  • Our favorite Huntsville attractions

  • Absolute "must do" in Huntsville

  • Best hotels and motels (cheap and expensive)
  • Our favorite Huntsville resorts -- yes we have resorts

  • Lip-smacking Huntsville restaurants

  • Most rewarding lakes (sorry, we don't fish, but the swimming is supposed to be awesome, too -- several remarkable lakes in and around the city)

  • Greatest groceries (you'll see why this is important)

  • Our top spots for Huntsville Alabama real estate (we're always looking), all in Huntsville!

  • The totally unique "little things" that make Huntsville Huntsville.

More to come on these and other "best of Huntsville" things to do, eat, and experience.

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OK, "enough chatter" Let's find out why Huntsville is a great place to Live, Work and Play...

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